Everyone should consider having a will.

Some of the important reasons why one should have a will are:

  • To ensure that your assets as are transferred upon death to those whom you choose.
  • To appoint guardians for your minor children.
  • To place the administration and control of your assets in the hands of someone you trust.
  • To create suitable trust provisions to prevent your children from spending their inheritance prematurely.
  • To avoid the Ontario Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee from controlling your children’s assets until they reach the age of majority.
  • To avoid conflict, litigation, and unnecessary expense among family members after your death.
  • To make sure certain items of special significance are given to designated individuals.
  • To avoid your assets being transferred to the government


While it is often an uncomfortable topic to have to think about, preparing for one’s death is the responsible and smart choice, especially when minor children and significant assets are involved.

Let Maheshi Law Professional Corporation make the process of drafting your final will easy and hassle-free. Maheshi Law Professional Corporation will prepare and notarize your final will for you – it does not have to be awkward, difficult, or time-consuming.


Maheshi Law Professional Corporation provides a range of wills & estates services including:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Spousal Mutual Wills
  • Continuing Power of Attorney of Personal Care
  • Continuing Power of Attorney of Property
  • Special Power of Attorney

We pride ourselves on providing only the most courteous and professional service possible.

Last Will & Testament – Individual or Reciprocal

It is important to have a Will in place so that your loved ones understand your wishes with respect to your property and assets after your death. Having a legal Will prepared can also help avoid unnecessary family disputes over the distribution of one’s estate and is especially important for families with young children to properly designate a guardian and custodian for your children.


Power of Attorney over Property

This type of power of attorney deals with financial decisions and issues involving property and your assets that you are not capable of making yourself by way of incapacity, being out of the country, or the like. You can name an individual, your attorney, to make those decisions on your behalf.


Power of Attorney over the Person (aka: Living Will)

A living Will is essentially a directive to one’s physician regarding one is wishes with respect to end-of-life medical care. You can appoint an individual, your attorney, to express those wishes on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself.


Power of Attorney for Property

Power of attorney is a document which becomes relevant when a person loses capacity (mental or physical) or otherwise becomes a vulnerable person who experiences difficulties performing tasks and making decisions. In such cases, the attorney (the designated person in the power of attorney document) will be able to step up and assume the role of making decisions for the benefit of the donor.