Maheshi Law Professional Corporation

Maheshi Law is a boutique law firm dedicated to equality, inclusion, and diversity. We are committed to assisting all Ontarians by providing responsive, affordable, and reliable legal services, with a steadfast commitment to protecting their privacy and confidentiality.


Sunil Maheshi earned a Bachelor of Science degree, followed by Master’s degrees in Tourism Management and Business Management. He began his professional career by joining the Department of Telecommunications as a Junior Telecom Officer on January 4, 1999, after passing a competitive national exam. Sunil worked as a Sub Divisional Engineer (IT) at BSNL until 2018.

In 2013, while still employed full-time, he passed the Bar Entrance Exam and earned his LL.B. from Punjab University in June 2016.
After a 19-year tenure in the IT sector, Sunil voluntarily left BSNL and relocated to Canada. He completed the Federation of Law Societies’ N.C.A. qualifying exams, passed the Law Society of Ontario’s Bar Exams, and completed the Law Practice Program at Ryerson University in Toronto. Subsequently, he worked at Ramesh Patel Law Professional Corporation in Toronto.
In June 2021, Sunil founded his own practice, Maheshi Law Professional Corporation, in Mississauga, Ontario, dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable legal services.
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