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Maheshi Law is a small boutique law firm, which strongly believes in, equality, inclusion & diversity. We are committed to help all Ontarians by providing them responsive, affordable and reliable legal services, while protecting their privacy & confidentiality,We help.


Sunil Maheshi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science. He completed Master’s in Tourism Management  then Master’s in business management.

After successfully qualifying an All India open (merit based) exam, Sunil Maheshi joined as Junior Telecom Officer in (at that time) Department of Telecommunications on January 04, 1999. He worked full time as a Sub Divisional Engineer (IT) in BSNL till 2018.

In 2013, while working full-time, Sunil Maheshi cleared Bar Entrance Exam and completed LL.B. from Punjab University in June 2016.

After working for 19 years in IT industry, Sunil Maheshi voluntarily resigned from BSNL and moved to Canada.


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